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Variation in P-concentrations in growth rings of trees as indicators of P availability and recycling efficiency in forest ecosystems (DFG SPP 1685)
SILVITI – The potential of rare and drought-tolerant tree species for the afforestation of former vineyards
concluded 2016/12
Assessment of potential trade-offs between strategies to increase carbon stock and adaptive capacities of forests under climate change
concluded 2016/07
The influence of forest harvesting intensity on species and structural diversity of forests
Can the drought tolerance of European beech be improved by thinning interventions?
concluded 05/2016
Silver fir and Douglas-fir as substitutes for Norway spruce: a comparative study on resilience and resistance of growth
concluded 2018/01
How do inter- or intra-specific differences in crown architecture, light absorption and light-use efficiency determine thinning responses and complementary effects in mixed-species forests?
“DRIeR” Drought impacts processes and resilience: making the invisible visible
BiodivERsA 3: Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change
Factors controlling phosphorous availability and their relevance for phosphorous nutrition of forest stands (DFG SPP 1685)
Small-scale forestry in Germany: Fire wood supply and regional added value. New competitions in utilization and aspects of sustainability
Quality of Sorbus torminals regeneration in oak coppice forests
BuTaKli: subproject ALU1: Does mixing beech (fagus sylvatica) and fir (abies alba) improve the tolerance of trees to drought stress?
Effects of tree species diversity on availability, uptake and use efficiency of nutrients in a subtropical tree species diversity experiment
Innovations- und Qualitätsfonds (IQF): Programm: "Stärkung des Beitrags der Wissenschaft für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung - Reallabore", "Wissensdialog Nordschwarzwald - ein Reallabor-Projekt"
ConFoBi: Subproject A2 Retention of structural elements in selectively used forests
Can the drought tolerance of Norway spruce and European beech be improved through liming?
Past Projects: Research Area "Silviculture"
KlimaQuer: Conservation of drought tolerant and ecological valuable sessile oak forests through natural regeneration
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