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Impact of drought on minor central European broadleaved tree species

concluded 12/2014


Central European forests do not bear too many different species, so there are relatively few tree species which are valuable for forestry practice. The number of economically interesting forest species might be further reduced by accretive drought caused by global climate change. Currently neglected broadleaves could fill this gap in future times, but there is no basic information about growth characteristics und regeneration dynamics of minor tree species on extreme sites in the scientific literature. For deciduous trees like Sorbus torminalis, S. domestica, Acer campestre, or A. platanoides an increased tolerance to drought is very characteristic. With the background of global change analyses of growth and regeneration of rare tree species are of special importance. Until today there are no studies based on dendrochronological and dendroclimatological methods, which describe the potential of these trees in the context of global climate change.
This project extends basic information on the minor broadleaved tree species Wild Service Tree, Service Tree, Field- and Norway Maple, which allows improved silvicultural planning. Results of that work widen the basis for successful management of these tree species with significance to their rareness and adaption to expected impacts of global change. A modeling of growth dynamics will be possible, whereby production of valuable timber is warranted.


Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bauhus
Researcher:Jörg Kunz
Funding:Scholarship (Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz LGFG)
Duration:10/2010 bis 09/2013
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