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Christoph Baumeister

Former staff member (Research Assistant)

Tennenbacherstr. 4
79106 Freiburg im Breisgau
4th floor/ 04085   

Phone +49 (0)761/ 203- 3676
Fax      +49 (0)761/ 203- 3781




Winter Term

  • EsPro  (BSc Forestry and Environment)
  • Waldnutzungssysteme (BSc International Forestry)
  • FoPro  (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • UmPro (MSc Environmental Sciences)
  • Elective Track International Forestry (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Global Environmental Changes (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Plantation Forestry (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Carbon Forestry (MSc Forest Sciences)


Summer Term

  • Waldbau (BSc Forestry and Environment)
  • Waldbau und Waldschutz (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Summer School Integrated Land Use Systems (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Waldbausysteme  (MSc Forest Sciences)
  • Close-to-Nature Forest Management (MSc Forest Sciences)





Baumeister, C. F. (2014). Higher Education in Urban Forestry in North America and Europe: Profiling Skills and Competencies for the Labor Market of Today and Tomorrow. Vancouver, Canada. University of British Columbia 


Baumeister, C. F. (2014). Higher Education in Urban Forestry: Skills and Competencies for the Labor Market of Today and Tomorrow. Victoria, Canada. 11th Canadian Urban Forest Conference


Sheppard, S., Marshall, P., Neuvonen, J., Kozak, R., Simard, S., Baumeister, C. F., Barron, S. (2014). Senate Curriculum Proposal: Urban Forestry Undergraduate Degree Program. Vancouver, Canada. University of British Columbia

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