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Dr. Martin Kohler

1987-1992 University of Freiburg, studies of forest sciences; Internships in Finland (Jul-Sep 1989) and Italy (Aug-Sep 1990);  March 1992: awarded 'Diplom-Forstwirt' (~Master Degree)


Forest Research Station, Baden-Württemberg: Department of Biometry and Informatics  (software development for forest inventories)


Graduate training program at the Forest Administration of the State

1994-1997 Forest Research Station, Baden-Württemberg: Researcher at the Department of Soil Science and Forest Nutrition (Conventwald project: the impact of different silvicultural strategies on element bugets of forest ecosystems)
1997-2000  University of Freiburg, doctoral thesis: "Ion storage and ion mobilization potentials of the soil skeleton in forest soils
2001-2004 Postdoc at the Institute of Soil Sciences and Forest Nutrition, University of Freiburg (DFG project: the determination of silicate weathering in laboratory experiments)
2002 Award: "Göttinger Preis Waldökosystemforschung"
May 2004
Research associate at the Chair of Silviculture, University of Freiburg

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