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Nathan Briggs

Masters student (FEM)/Research assistant

Tennenbacherstr. 4
79085 Freiburg im Breisgau     


Room 04088



Root system response of naturally regenerated Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) after complete overstory removal


Curriculum vitae



Briggs, Nathan A. and Steven A. Sader. 2009. Tracking Forest Change and Development Using Low-Cost Remote Sensing Imagery and GIS Integration. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry. 26(4):148-155.


Briggs, Nathan A., Robert Freeman, Holly Theriault, Sarah LaRochelle, Robert J. Lilieholm, and Christopher Cronan. 2008. Modeling Riverbank Stability and Potential Risk to Development in the      Penobscot River Estuary of Maine, USA. Environmental Problems in Coastal Regions VII. Ed. C.A. Brebbia. WIT Press: Southampton. pp. 111-118.


Lilieholm, R.J., D. Hart, K.P. Bell, S. Sader, G. Zydlewski, C. Cronan, and N. Briggs*. 2007. Alternative Futures for the Penobscot River Watershed: A Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Resource Use. USDA Forest Service GTR.               *student co-author

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