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Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services (SUPERB)
MixForChange: Mixed Forest plantations for climate Change mitigation and adaptation
Agroforestry to assist forest restoration in the dry Bolivian Andes
The influence of forest floor changes on the success and composition of tree regeneration
Floodplain forests and climate change: silvicultural recommendations for floodplain-forest management with regard to climate protection, biodiversity and economy
TRANSFORMIT – productive forest management and biodiversity conservation
Projects Research Area Silviculture
Variation in P-concentrations in growth rings of trees as indicators of P availability and recycling efficiency in forest ecosystems (DFG SPP 1685)
How do inter- or intra-specific differences in crown architecture, light absorption and light-use efficiency determine thinning responses and complementary effects in mixed-species forests?
BiodivERsA 3: Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change
German bilateral development cooperation in the forest sector: A critical reflection based on the analysis of forest-related development initiatives from Indonesia, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Globally Germany ranks among the five major ODA donor countries, but hasn’t yet managed to reach its political target of providing 0.7% of its GNI to ODA. ...
Small farmers’ strategies in dealing with crisis: Responses of rural socio-ecological systems to political crises in Zimbabwe
Lost in the woods: Forest livelihood options for people in the protected areas in the Mayan jungle
The potential for endogenous development for indigenous communities: A comparative study of indigenous realities in Southeast Mexico
Forestry Higher Education Advancement in Laos (FORHEAL)
Making forests work for local people: Developing locally-adapted, moto-manual forest management schemes for communities in the Eastern Lowlands of Bolivia
Potential and limits of inclusive business as a pathway for enhancing inclusivity and sustainability in African agriculture: A critical analysis in Tanzania and Ghana (EU)
Piloting approaches to rural advisory services in support of scaling of the Agroforestry Concessions scheme in Peru (PARA)
Governance guidelines for Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) and assessment of the feasibility of small business development grounded in forestry, pasture and farming in support of the project “Central Asian Desert Initiative (CADI)"
Food Democracy and Meta-Organizations (Eucor)
The effects of Non-Timber Forest Products value chains on the sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon.
FRIAS Project Group “Socioecological Diversity"
Dynamic vegetation models for climate-dynamic suitability testing of main and secondary tree species in Baden-Württemberg (DynaVeg)
The influence of structural, functional, and species diversity to temporal stability of productivity and efficiency of resource use in a tropical tree diversity experiment
Capacity Building in Carbon Forestry
KlimaQuer: Conservation of drought tolerant and ecological valuable sessile oak forests through natural regeneration
WaldlabOR: Waldlabor Oberrhein develops forest management concepts for the Upper Rhine climate change hotspot
Development of low-risk methods for regenerating dead Norway spruce stands in the southern Black Forest model region
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