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Abgeschlossene Projekte im Arbeitsbereich Waldbau

Title Description
Page SILVITI – The potential of rare and drought-tolerant tree species for the afforestation of former vineyards concluded 2016/12
Page Belowground niche separation and competition in tree species mixtures concluded 11/2011
Page Mechanisms of tree diversity effects on ecosystem functioning (IDENT-Freiburg) concluded 12/2014
Page PioWood: Utilization of fast growing pioneer trees in young forest stands to increase biomass supply of small-dimension timber concluded 03/2016
Page Restoration of Pilgerodendron uviferum forests in the Chiloé Island, North-Patagonia, Chile concluded 11/2012
Page Natural forest development as an aim within the National Strategy on Biological Diversity (NWE5) concluded 12/2014
Page Silver fir and Douglas-fir as substitutes for Norway spruce: a comparative study on resilience and resistance of growth concluded 2018/01
Page Can the drought tolerance of European beech be improved by thinning interventions? concluded 05/2016
Page Energie-Vorwälder - Alternative Bewirtschaftungsformen zur Steigerung der energetisch nutzbaren Biomasse im Wald durch Integration von schnellwachsenden Baumarten concluded 12/2011
Page Ecological Effects of Energy Nurse Crops - Forest Restoration and Biomass Production concluded 12/2014
Page Thinning level effects on growth and wood quality of Pinus taeda L. stands in Southern Brazil concluded 05/2014
Page Post-logging dynamics of a terra firme rain forest in the Brazilian Amazon concluded 12/2016
Page Development of methods to characterise plant available phosphorus in large scale forest soil inventories concluded 03/2015
Page The effect of tree species diversity on phosphorus availability and cycling (sub-project of the Chinese-European DFG-research unit “BEF China") concluded 12/2014
Page Development of tree quality, productivity, and diversity in oak (Quercus robur and Q. petraea) stands established by cluster planting concluded 12/2012
Page Conservation through utilization – multifunctional development of coppice forests in Rhineland-Palatinate concluded 12/2011
Page Impact of drought on minor central European broadleaved tree species concluded 12/2014
Page Development of a simulation framework to analyze synergies and trade-offs between different multiple production goals and related carbon dynamics in the sub-tropical forests of China (subproject of the BMBF project “Lin²Value") concluded 09/2015
Page Decay dynamics and carbon sequestration of lying coarse woody debris (CWD) of Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris concluded 2016/12
Page Assessment of potential trade-offs between strategies to increase carbon stock and adaptive capacities of forests under climate change concluded 2016/07
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