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Sebastian Mayr

Research Associate

Sebastian Mayr

Tennenbacherstr. 4
79085 Freiburg im Breisgau     


Zimmer 4022
Tel. 0761/203-8631
Fax 0761/203-3781




Reseach interests:

Agroforestry, payments for ecosystem services, policy evaluation, policy instruments, carbon markets, carbon dioxide removal (CDR), climate policy.

Agroforst, Honorierung von Ökosystemleistungen, Politikevaluierung, Politikinstrumente, Kohlenstoffmärkte, Kohlenstoffentnahme, Klimapolitik.



The CDR-PoEt project (Carbon Dioxide Removal Options: Policies and Ethics) is a principle-based, stakeholder-led, transparent approach to researching possible political instruments and fairness implications for carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Concrete policy options for scaling agroforestry practice are identified and evaluated on the basis of guiding principles that will allow examining its economic, socio-cultural and institutional feasibility.

The doctorate researchers will work in two case study regions: the Brazilian Amazon and the trinational Upper Rhine.

Duration: Nov. 2021 - Oct. 2024


Peer-reviewed journal publications:

Mayr, S., Pokorny, B., Montero-de-Oliveira, F.-E., Reinecke, S. (forthcoming): Scaling agroforestry through Payments for Ecosystem Services: A scoping review.

Benichou, L. & Mayr, S. (2014): Rogeaulito: a world energy scenario modeling tool for transparent energy system thinking. Frontiers in Energy Research 1, 13

Erdmenger, C., Lehmann, H., Müschen, K ., Tambke, J., Mayr, S., Kuhnhenn, K. (2009): A climate protection strategy for Germany—40% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 1990. Energy Policy 37 (1), 158-165

Other publications:

Galt, H., Brescia, D., Mayr, S. (2017): Linking the Clean Development Mechanism with the Green Climate Fund: Insights from Practitioners and Decision Makers in Africa.

Michaelowa, A., Greiner, S., Hoch,S., Le Saché, F., Brescia, D., Galt, H., Mayr, S. (2016): The Paris Agreement: The future relevance of UNFCCC-backed carbon markets for Africa. Policy Brief.

Mayr, S. (2014): Book Review: Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe by Mats Braun. LSE Review of Books.

Mayr, S. (2014): Book Review: The Greenest Nation ? by Frank Uekötter, LSE Review of Books.

Mayr, S. (2009): CDM Projekte im Süden: Ein langer Weg bis zur Genehmigung, in: Berne Declaration: E-Mission Impossible: Das globale Feilschen um die Reduktion der Treibhausgase,14-16

Möller, K., Mayr, S. (2008): Klimaschutzprojekte in der Schweiz, Vollzugsweisung zur Durchführung von Kompensationsmassnahmen.

Mayr, S., Michaelowa A. (2008): Empirical analysis of performance of CDM projects from registration to CER issuance. Climate Strategies.

Erdmenger, C., Kuhnhenn, K., Maue, G., Mayr, S. (2008): Progress of German climate change policies until 2020. Report of the German Government for the assessment of projected progress in accordance with the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol-reporting in compliance to article 3 (2) EU Directive 280/2004. Final report; Wirksamkeit des Klimaschutzes in Deutschland bis 2020. Bericht der Bundesregierung zur Bewertung des voraussichtlichen Fortschritts der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2007 gemaess Umsetzung des Kyoto-Protokolls-Berichterstattung nach Artikel 3 Absatz 2 der EU-Richtlinie 280/2004. Endfassung.

Conference contributions:

Montero-de-Oliveira, F.-E., Mayr, S., Reinecke, S. (2024): CDR PoEt - Chancen und Herausforderungen für neue
Agroforstsysteme in Deutschland und darüber hinaus. In: Agrarforschung zum Klimawandel Konferenz der Deutschen Agrarforschungsallianz, 11.-14.03.2024, Potsdam. (p.34, p.39)

Bellon, S., Werner, S., Amato, F., Ortiz, D., Savin, C. Mayr, S., Warlop, F., Cornie, S.K., Falquet, M., Rousselou, E. (2022): Applying the Principles of Syntropic Agriculture to Mediterranean Situations. 6th European Agroforestry Conference, EURAF2022, Nuoro, Italy on May 16-20, 2022.

Mayr, S. (2007): Market Survey: Analysts and Market Participants Forecasts for 2008-2012. Summary of the Major Carbon Market Studies. International Emissions Trading Conference 2007, Prague Congress Centre, May 15, 2007.


Russia's long way to Kyoto - or why Russia finally ratified the Kyoto Protocol (M.Sc.)
Der Einfluss von Akteuren und Institutionen auf die Transposition von EU - Umweltrichtlinien in Deutschland (M.A.)



Climatic Change; Frontiers in Energy Research; Energy Policy;



M.Sc. Politics of the World Economy, London School of Economics and Political Science

M.A. Public Administration, University of Konstanz

Certificat d'Etudes Politiques, SciencesPo Grenoble


10+ years of experience in the development of international carbon credits.

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