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"GfÖ-Master Award 2011" for Tamalika Chakraborty

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Congratulations to Tamalika Chakraborty for being granted with the GfÖ-Master-Award 2011 for her excellent master thesis about “the effect of soil drought on vitality and growth on juvenile and understorey beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees - a case study from a rocky gneiss outcrop near Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany” supervised by Prof. Albert Reif.

The Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) gives this award for an outstanding and ecologically related master thesis. The prize in 2011 was 1000 € presented during the Award Session of this year’s GfÖ Annual Conference at Carl von Ossietzky University on 08.09.2011 in Oldenburg.

The thesis of Tamalika Chakraborty is a step forward in quantifying the response of beech at its drought limit. Indicators and relevant threshold in the study region, and responses of the beech juveniles were detected: The effects of soil drought and a threshold for the survival of beech juveniles were calculated: (1) beech juveniles occur on soils having at least an available soil water storage capacity of >67 mm, and (2) that beech juveniles will die when losing more than 40 % of the aboveground biomass.


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