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Piloting approaches to rural advisory services in support of scaling of the Agroforestry Concessions scheme in Peru (PARA)


In the Peruvian Amazon, tens of thousands of small-scale farming households, looking for better opportunities, have colonized during the last decades isolated state forest lands and lived there under precarious conditions in a situation of illegality and vulnerability. To subsist, they have continuously converted forests to grow coffee and other crops obtaining little benefits for their households. In turn, this process have carried out massive deforestation and persistent poverty, reinforcing constant pressure over the agricultural frontier. Aiming to reduce pressure over forests by regulating land occupation, in 2011, Peru introduced as part of the Forest Law a legal provision that grant family farmers long-term land usufruct lease, subject to forest conservation and adoption of SLM practices through an Agroforestry Concessions (AC) scheme. In addition, regional authorities are committed to provide farmers with incentives and specialized technical assistance, but the responsible agencies for the implementation of the AC lack the institutional, technical and financial mean to provide the required rural advisory services (RAS).
In this context, the purpose of the PARA project is to ensure that the relevant national and subnational authorities are in capacity to respond adequately to farmers’ needs and constraints in the course of complying with the requirements of the AC scheme. The project focusses on the development of the RAS component of the regional AC scaling strategy, and will identify local context-specific and cost-efficient rural advisory services models to promote integrated SLM interventions that responds to local circumstances faced by farmers. It will nest within the piloted planned by the Government of San Martin, informing scaling-out and –up of Agroforestry Concessions.


Project responsible / Principal supervisor:

Prof. Dr. Benno Pokorny, Dr. Valentina Robiglio (World Agroforestry Centre ICRAF)

Implementing person(s): José Undurraga
Funding agency: BMZ
Duration: April 2019 to April 2022
Partner: ICRAF (Dr. Valentina Robiglio), NGO Solidaridad (Ezio Varese), CIFOR (Dr Peter Cronkleton)






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